Whistler Pro-78GXi / Pro-93GXi – Update Tool Download for Windows Only

(Note1: When updating your database, DO NOT SELECT "check for updates" as this will corrupt your radar detector. Simply select "DB Update" and select the location where you have downloaded the NEW database)

(Note2: When Whistler is pluged in, if asked to format please click cancel)

Whistler Pro-78GXi / Pro-93GXi – Database Download

Genevo One M – Update Tool Download for Windows Only

Genevo Pro M – Update Website

Escort / Bel Radar Detector – Settings for Australia

TMG Road Eagle – Database Downloaddated 2/3/2014(up to Windows 7 only)

Laser Interceptor – LI Communicator(V3.8.1) (PC software), V8.20 (firmware)

Laser Interceptor – Bluetooth App

Stinger VIP Spotlist– Download

Stinger Card/DSI Spotlist – Download



VIP Stinger Manual Downloads

V.I.P. Installation Manual

V.I.P. User Manual

Genevo Documentation Downloads

Genevo Pro M User Manual

Genevo One M User Manual

Genevo Preferred Settings