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Genevo Pro M - Out of Stock

Manufacturer Genevo
Price:   $2,195.00

Built In Radar and Laser Detection

Currently out of stock.

The Genevo Pro M is a remote mount electronically undetectable radar/laser detector which can detect all known speed detection radar used throughout Australia including MultaRadars CD/CT and Gatso RT3, RT4 radar systems. This system is installed discreetly in a vehicle and a small magnetic removable OLED display for mounting in the cabin.

Accurate GPS database

Utilising its GPS, your Genevo Pro M can alert you to fixed speed traps

Updates and settings have never been easier

Genevo PRO can be easily updated and set by means of any USB flash disk. All you need is go to, set the parameters, download the file onto the flash disk and then store it on your Genevo PRO. The update and settings will be done automatically.


Do you need to deactivate your PRO quickly? Just remove the display.

The use of Genevo PRO is illegal in all states of Australia, which is why it has a removable display. That means that if you need to deactivate the device in any situation, you can simply remove the display from the dock and then the device becomes inactive. Only you can activate it again using the display. If you want to remove the whole dock, it is not a problem either. The only thing that is left then is the MicroUSB charger, which you can use for charging your mobile phone.


  • RDD immune.
  • Discreet installation.
  • Australia-wide fixed/red-light camera GPS database.
  • Removable OLED Screen.
  • Excellent sensitivity.
  • MultaRadar CD/CT detection.
  • GATSO RT3 and RT4 detection.
  • User-friendly menu system.
  • Excellent resistance to false alerts.
  • GPS based fixed false alert filter (manual).
  • Speed based alert filtering.
  • Auto Mute.
  • Selectable radar filters.
  • Optional addition of second radar antennas possible for directional alerts.
  • Update via USB Flash drive.
  • European designed, specifically adapted for use in Australia.


  • K-Band Narrow 24.125GHz ± 70MHz
  • K-Band Wide 24.125GHz ± 150MHz
  • Ka-Band Narrow 34.0GHz, 34.3GHz, 34.7GHz, 35.5GHz
  • Ka-Band Wide 33.4GHz to 36GHz
  • MultaRadar CD/CT, Gatso RT3, RT4
  • Laser 904nm
  • GPS: SiRF Star IV

  • Storage Temperature: -20 +85°C
  • Operating Temperature: -20 +85°C
  • Operating Voltage: 11 ~ 16V
  • Energy consumption 250mA normal, 350mA max (12V)
  • Display dimensions (including mount) W64 x H32 x D16mm

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