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Blackvue DR750X-2CH 32G - Out of Stock

Model DR750X-2CH
Manufacturer BlackVue
Price:   $629.00



BlackVue DR750X - 2CH

The BlackVue DR750X -2CH HD drive recorder, with GPS, allows you to monitor all driving scenarios effortlessly with both front and rear cameras active simultaneously.

The mounting locations of the cameras are discrete, and best located in front of the rear view mirror in most cases, and unobtrusive yet can capture all your driving events.

Recording by the camera commences as soon as the car is started. The BlackVue records in superb High Definition video, all journeys and any incidents you experience along the way.

The cameras features a G sensor which will record sudden braking or impact for subsequent review by you should you need to. Reviewing your video is simple to manage in normal mode.

Speed, direction, latitude and longitude are also recorded and viewed when in playback mode.

Product Features:

  • Full HD 1080P (front), 180P HD (rear)
  • Parking mode detects and records motion around your car
  • Front camera viewing angle 116° and rear 116°
  • Wi-Fi capability - world first for in car camera system – front and rear remote viewing
  • Apple & Windows Compatibility
  • Smartphone App (connect to iPhone or Android)
  • Stylish Compact design
  • Rear camera connects to the front camera for power and video
  • 2 year warranty
  • 32 GB SD micro card standard with up to 128 GB SD micro card optional (must be genuine Pittasoft type above 64 GB)


Files Overwrite Protection:

Dashcams record in a loop, overwriting older files when the memory is full. BlackVue DR750X-2CH can prevent Event files (triggered manually or by impacts) overwriting. Up to fifty (50) files can be protected this way. You can choose to allow new Event files to overwrite past Event files, thus keeping the latest fifty.

Adaptive Format-Free File Management

Developed by BlackVue, this file system improves recording stability and reduces the need for microSD card formatting, while giving you the flexibility to change recording time unit (1/2/3 minutes) and quality settings. Still, the videos saved are playable on most viewers. Scheduled Reboots (see Parking Mode section below)


Rest easy, knowing that your car is being monitored while you are away.

BlackVue automatically switches to Parking Mode to monitor you parked vehicle, but only writes to the memory card when something happens (motion or impact detected).

Thanks to the video buffer, the few seconds leading to the triggering event are also recorded.

Scheduled Reboot:

Electronic recording devices can benefit from restarting between long recording sessions. When hardwiring a dashcam for Parking Mode, it may stay on for days. In some extreme cases, unexpected errors can occur. To avoid this, the DR750X Series features the option to schedule a daily automatic reboot (by default in the middle of night) to minimize potential errors.

Reboots can happen only when the dashcam is in Parking Mode and not writing any data to the microSD card. This means no Normal driving, Event, or Parking Mode recording will be interrupted by a scheduled reboot.

Super stealthy:

BlackVue DR750X Series allows you to completely turn off all LED indicators in Parking Mode. Only the recording LED indicator facing the interior of the vehicle will blink when motion or impact is detected.

Quality Video & Audio:

Camera: 1/4" 2.1MP Sony STARVIS (F & R)


The Sony STARVIS™ image sensors that equip both the front and rear cameras of the DR750X-2CH deliver outstanding low-light performance.

For those who want even more brightness in dark environments, the DR750X-2CH features Enhanced Night Vision. When activated, it boosts the ISO sensitivity in low light without blowing up the highlights in bright surroundings.

Even with Night Vision OFF, the STARVIS sensor outperforms regular CMOS sensors

Quality Video & Audio:

Camera: 1/4" 2.1MP Sony STARVIS (F & R)

Wide Angle View:

Front Camera 116° (provides improved clarity)

Reversible Design:

360° Rotational body recording various directions

Recording Speed:

Full HD 60 Fps

Image Resolution:

Full HD 1920x1080px Max | FHD 1920 x 1080px Rear

Parking / Motion Detection:

Yes, in Parking Mode

Data Compression:

Highly Efficient H.264

Built-in Format Function:

Yes (Press &s; Hold Wi-Fi button for 10 seconds)

Built-in Wi-Fi

Yes (For use with free smart phone app)

Built-in G-Sensor:



Surveillance camera function using Power Control Unit

GPS Receiver:

Built-in Highly Sensitive SIRF III Antennae

Recording Options:

Normal, Parking, Event (Activated by shock)

Camera Size &s; Weight:

Front: W 118.5 mm (4.67″) x H 36 mm (1.42″) /105 g (3.70 oz)

Rear: W 67.4 mm (2.65″) x H 25 mm (0.98″) / 25 g (0.88 oz)

Operation Temp:

-20°C ~ 70°C

Power Supply:

Suits 12-24V applications

Power Consumption

12V /0.20A

Factory Warranty:

2 Year (Australian Genuine Warranty)

Compliance Marks:

C-TICK (N28189) KC, FCC, CE, RoHS, Telec


Pittasoft Co., Ltd (Auto BlackBox Australian Importer)

BlackVue Playback Screen:

Blackvue playback screen

Suggested applications for use:

  • Company Vehicles
  • Driving Schools
  • Caravanners
  • Truck Owners
  • Taxi Owners
  • Driver Training Centres, plus
  • Any vehicle where the driver wants to review on or off road events

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