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Escort Max CI International - Out of Stock

Model Esc MAX CI
Manufacturer Escort
Price:   $3,395.00 $3,295.00
Max Ci interface Max Ci GPS Module
Max Ci LIDAR Detection

Escort MAX CI International GPS WARNING SYSTEM

Top of the range, concealed GPS speed camera safety system. Legal to sell and use throughout Australia.
  • In GPS Only Mode-The ESCORT MAX CI International is legal to use throughout Australia and provides the ultimate in long range warning of fixed and red light speed cameras and marked road hazards. It has cutting edge GPS technology and preloaded Australian fixed speed and red light camera database. It provides a verbal alert as you approach fixed speed cameras and allows users to customize locations of known road hazards. This is the ultimate in concealed GPS safety alert systems and 100% legal to sell and use. To engage in GPS only mode, just press and hold the reset button.
  • Radar, Laser & SWS Mode- In states and jurisdictions where it is legal to use radar and laser detectors, merely download the easy to use software tools from our website to enable full undetectable radar and laser capabilities including safety warning system messaging. The ESCORT MAX CI International provides total protection with advanced warning of all radar, laser, fixed and red light speed cameras.
  • Discrete Design- The physical design of the ESCORT MAX CI International allows for simple installation & complete concealment to avoid theft or damage. All components are a simple plug-n-play interface with the main module, and it also enables multiple installation options due to its separate display and control modules. TotalShield™ technology also offers complete invisibility to all RDD´s (radar-detector-detectors).

  • Australian speed camera database preloaded
  • Clear Digital Voice or Audio Alerts
  • All Australian Radar/Laser/Fixed and Red Light Coverage
  • Mute and AutoMute Audio Controls
  • Dual Antenna Design
  • Easy-to-Use Options and Controls
  • Multi-Sensor Laser Detection
  • Ultra-Bright High Definition Display
  • Complete RDD Immunity
  • Brightness Control with Dark Mode
  • Narrow Ka band mode
  • Advanced True Lock GPS Filtering helps minimize false alerts
  • One year limited warranty

Display Colour

Your detector screen can be displayed with blue, green, red or amber accents to match the dashboard lighting of various vehicles.


Operating Bands:
  • X-band: 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz
  • K-band: 24.100 GHz ± 150 MHz - Each K segment can be turned on or off
    • K1 (24.050GHz-24.110GHz)
    • K2 (24.110GHz-24.175GHz)
    • K3 (24.175-24.250GHz)
    • K4 (23.050GHz-24.050GHz)
  • Ka-band: 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz - Each Ka segment can be turned on or off
    • Ka1 (33.392 - 33.704GHZ)
    • Ka2 (33.704 - 33.896GHz)
    • Ka3 (33.886 - 34.198GHz)
    • Ka4 (34.184 - 34.592GHz)
    • Ka5 (34.592 - 34.808GHz)
    • Ka6 (34.806 - 35.166GHz)
    • Ka7 (34.143 - 35.383GHz)
    • Ka8 (35.378 - 35.618GHz)
    • Ka9 (35.595 - 35.835GHz)
    • Ka10 (35.830 - 35.998GHz)
  • Strelka
  • MultaRadar CD/CT
  • Gatso
  • Laser: 904nm, 33MHz bandwidth
Radar Receiver/Detector Type:
  • Dual-Horn Antenna Casting
  • Superheterodyne, dual LNA´s
  • Scanning Frequency Discriminator
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Laser Detection:
  • Quantum Limited Video Receiver
  • Optical Laser Sensors
Sensitivity Control:
  • Highway
  • AutoScan™
  • AutoLock™
  • AutoNoX
Display Type:
  • 280 LED Alphanumeric
  • Bar Graph, Threat Display™, and Tech Display™
  • Automatic plus 4 levels of fixed brightness including full dark
Power Requirement:
  • 12VDC, Negative Ground
Programmable Features:
  • Pilot
  • GPS
  • AutoLock
  • Speed Check
  • Meter
  • AutoMute™
  • Units
  • Voice Alerts
  • Bands
  • Markers
Additional Patented Technology:
  • Auto Calibration Circuitry
  • Mute / AutoMute / SmartMute
  • TotalShield™ Technology

Disclaimer: The use of the radar & laser detection features may be illegal in some States. Check applicable laws before using. The Radar Shop or its Agents cannot be held liable for the illegal use of radar and laser detection features by an owner, in jurisdictions where it is prohibited.


Max CI Screen