Laser Interceptor Bluetooth Module
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Laser Interceptor Bluetooth Module

Model L I B/tooth
Manufacturer Laser Interceptor
Price:   $149.00

Laser Interceptor Bluetooth® Module –$149.00

Prior to the release of this module, there was only one way Laser Interceptor owners could update their devices.

  1. Users were required to download the Laser Interceptor Communicator program onto their computers, along with any firmware updates and,
  2. Connect their laptops to their Laser Interceptor USB-RS232 cable.

Laptop to Laser Interceptor CPU allowed owners to update various settings, firmware updates, and voice packs to their Laser Interceptor package.

The ALL NEW Laser Interceptor Bluetooth® gives Laser Interceptor owners an improved and uncomplicated method of updating their Laser Interceptor. The new Laser Interceptor Bluetooth® Module allows users to use their Android smartphone and perform the following:

  • Manage / change your setting preferences on the LI CPU.
  • Download firmware updates automatically
  • Download voice Pack updates automatically
  • Receive visual alerts to LASER threats by type (i.e. Ultralyte LTI 20/20, Jenoptik, Poliscan, Kustom ProLaser III, etc.)
  • Utilise the additional RS 232 port to allow connections from the PA/Jam switch or Instant Kill switch.

Please note: Only compatible with ANDROID devices and Gen 8 CPU version 2.9 or later.