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Valentine 1 and Laser Interceptor Combo

Model Valentine 1
Manufacturer Various
Price:   $1,490.00
Available Options:
Laser Interceptor Sensor Option:
R.C.A Laser Tester:

Unique bogey locator, front and rear laser detection, very advanced radar locator with exceptional range.

Includes: windshield mount; visor mount; lighter adapter; power cord, coiled; power cord, straight; direct-wire power adapter; wiring-harness connector; owner's manual; interlocking fastener; spare suction cups; spare fuse.

Operating Frequencies:

  • 10.500 - 10.550 GHz (X band)
  • 24.050 - 24.250 GHz (K band)
  • 33.4 - 36.0 GHz (Ka band)
  • 13.400 - 13.500 GHz (Ku band): not used in U.S. to activate Ku band, see
  • 820-950 nanometres (Laser)

Power Requirements:

  • 11.0-16.0 Volts DC negative ground
  • 225 mA typical standby, 425 mA maximum alarm condition

Dimensions and Weight:

  • 114.3 mm L x 91.4 mm W x 25.4 mm H; 181 grams

Temperature Range:

  • Operating: -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F)
  • Storage: -30°C to +85°C (-22°F to +185°F)


#1 Rated Laser Jammer in the World 2007 & 2008 by GOL (Guys of LIDAR)!

Jams all known and most unknown LIDAR devices

Laser Interceptor transmitters are more powerful (more than 100 times!) than comparable "look alike" devices

3rd Generation Laser Interceptor Utilizing a Powerful ARM 32 BIT RISC Microprocessor

Includes the latest updates and upgrades - processor version 3.3

Laser Interceptor CPU BOX is equipped with 4 ports (for up to 4 outer sensors), built in speaker for voice alerts and audible warnings and serial RS232 port for communication with any PC running Windows

RS232 Port enables users to set up various options within the Laser Interceptor and also update the software when newer user software is available

User Modifiable Audio Files (pcm format) for custom Alerts or Languages

Distributor available Firmware Upgrades as and when new Police LIDAR guns are deployed, means the Laser Interceptor will never become obsolete!

100% Waterproof Sensors - Version 9.0

"Welcome" message each time the unit powers up and completes it's BIST (built in self test)

Siren and Voice Alerts to warn the driver when the vehicle is targeted byPolice LIDAR

Built-in thermo regulation with self resetting bi-metal fuse

Includes an optical lens on the front

2-Year Warranty

Upgrades only though Authorized Laser-Interceptor Distributor