Key Facts about radar detectors

Radar detectors are illegal to use in Australia.

Radar detectors are designed to warn a driver of police radar or laser.

Radar detectors detect radar frequencies transmitted speed measurement equipment. The police use radar and laser to measure how fast a vehicle is travelling.

There are many types of radar detectors and some of them are listed below:

  • Corded radar detectors available in Australia and New Zealand. These have power cords which are plugged into power/lighter sockets or hard-wired. These are typically mounted on the windscreen with suction cups. These are easy to install. They are the most affordable detectors that do not require batteries.
  • Cordless radar detectors run on batteries and can be mounted of windshields and have suction cups. These are low powered devices and not recommended
  • The remote or installed radar detectors can be placed out of sight. This type of radar detector is more expensive and offers more features than a windscreen mounted device. They do need to be installed by a professional.
  • Radar detectors can be either stealthy or detectable. The stealthy units are undetectable electronically for use where radar detectors are illegal. Detectable radar detectors are generally less expensive and can be used where legal.
  • Always buy known brand radar detectors from a trusted retailer offering information, advice, after sales service and has a range of radar products on display.