Radar detectors are electronic devices designed to detect the radar signals emitted by police radar guns. In Australia radar can be used in Police patrol cars and by some mobile camera systems (usually in cars parked on the side of the road) to detect vehicle speed.

Radar detectors work by picking up the signals emitted by police radar systems and can potentially alert the driver to their presence. They work by detecting radio waves in the X, K, and Ka bands. In Australia only K and Ka Bands are used.

There are two main types of radar detectors: windscreen mount and remote-mount. Windscreen mount is the most popular and generally require no installation and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Remote-mount detectors can be more visually discreet but require professional installation.

When purchasing a radar detector, look for features such as GPS technology which can alert you to red-light cameras and other fixed speed traps, voice alerts can help keep you focused on the road. Other features to consider include sensitivity, false alert filtering, and signal strength indicators.

Police can detect some radar detectors using a device called a Spectre RDD. This is why some radar detectors include a feature called "RDD immunity," or “Stealth” these electronically undetectable detectors prevent the detector from being detected by these radar detector detectors (RDDs).

Radar detectors are not legal to use in any state of Australia, the penalty for using a radar detector will vary from state to state and generally includes a fine and loss of demerit points.

Remember, a radar detector is not a license to speed. Always obey traffic laws and drive safely.