What is the Benefit of Whistler Radar Detector?

One way in which you can protect your drivers’ licence is by installing a radar detector. Radar detectors are devices to alert to a range of road transport speed measuring equipment. Using a radar detector may help avoid an unnecessary discussion with police on the side of the road as well as potential alerting to the presence of speed traps.

A radar detector is only one step in avoiding speeding fines. Choosing the right radar detector is another and is addressed elsewhere on this blog.

Simple guidelines for buying radar detector:
  • Features voice alerts as well as tone alerts for attention whilst driving.
  • Has capability to reduce false alerts to both radar and laser devices.
  • It has adjustable volume
  • The system is highly sensitive for radar and laser alerting.
  • Is it in my budget?

The Whistler radar detector and the Escort Redline Pro A International Series radar detector easily meet these basic criteria and surpass them. These are new age radar detectors that are well equipped and updated. They have many features that will ensure full safety and security to you.

There are many benefits of having a Whistler or an Escort Redline radar detector:
  • Both of these radar detectors feature the very latest in radar detector technology.
  • They have a 360ο all-round protection for radar alerting.
  • The Whistler and the Redline both have programmable features allowing individuality on most settings.
  • The comprises of the most sensitive system, for better detection and protection.
  • They both are very competitively priced.

Modern radar detectors allow drivers to relax and focus on driving enjoyment without experiencing undue interference.

Buying the best radar detector can be a tricky.

You need to ensure great quality and proper installation (if required). If you are concerned where to buy the right product and get the best installation advice in Australia, then go to They will provide you with friendly service and trusted quality products that will best serve your needs.

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