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  • Pro DB Photo Blocker
    Added: 06/13/2022
    Modified: 06/13/2022
    Price:  $399.00$249.00

    Pro DB Photo Blocker

    Manufacturer: Applied Physics USA
    ProDB Speed Camera Photo Blocker Leading Edge Technology ProDB - Speed Camera Photo Blockers Detect and Block: • Traffic Cameras • Speed Cameras • Mobile Speed Van Cameras •Lightning Fast, Double Flash to detect / defeat SINGLE and DUAL Flash Cameras •Electronically prevents images of your license plate(s), worldwide •Do...
  • Escort Max CI International
    Added: 03/21/2021
    Modified: 03/21/2021
    Price:  $2,399.00$2,345.00

    Escort Max CI International

    Manufacturer: Escort
    Escort MAX CI International GPS WARNING SYSTEM Top of the range, concealed GPS speed camera...
  • Escort Redline EX International
    Added: 06/28/2018
    Modified: 05/28/2020
    Price:  $1,249.00$1,049.00

    Escort Redline EX International

    Manufacturer: Escort
         ALL NEW ESCORT REDLINE EX INTERNATIONAL FEATURES: Dual Antenna Design Dual antenna design introduces an all new level of radar performance. Tuned specifically for each radar band, this approach enables the longest possible warning on all radar bands Intelligent A...
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 specials)
Result Pages:  1