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Pro DB Photo Blocker

Model Pro DB
Manufacturer Applied Physics USA
Price:   $399.00 $249.00
ProDB Speed Camera Photo Blocker Leading Edge Technology ProDB - Speed Camera Photo Blockers Detect and Block:

• Traffic Cameras

• Speed Cameras

• Toll Cameras

• Mobile Speed Van Cameras

•Lightning Fast, Double Flash to detect / defeat SINGLE and DUAL Flash Cameras

•Electronically prevents images of your license plate(s), worldwide

•Does not interfere with Traffic Camera operation as with Flash Back Photo Blockers

•Does not interfere with Radar Guns, Laser Guns or Magnetic strips under the road surface

•Operates as a license plate light. High Performance, Photo Blocker + Photo Detect + License Plate Lights


•THE MOST ADVANCED ELECTRONIC PHOTOGRAPHIC COUNTERMEASURES AVAILABLE TODAY! PRIVACY - SECURITY - IDENTITY PROTECTION.....IN A FLASH The Problem: You're driving down the highway and drive past a Speed camera or Mobile Speed Van camera. The camera flashes your vehicle and you did not even notice. A week or so later, you cop an infringement notice in the mail with a hefty fine plus demerit points. You did not even know a camera detected your speed and flashed your vehicle. Safety had nothing to do with it as it is about revenue. The ProDB Speed Camera Photo Blocker prevents unauthorized photographs of your license plate(s) by traffic cameras, speed cameras, toll cameras and mobile photo radar vans. The Solution: ProDB Installing a ProDB Photo Radar Blocker on your front and rear vehicle license plates (or rear motorcycle license plate) can prevent attempts to photograph your license plate. ProDB - Many cities around the world have a multitude of traffic camera devices. All of which are designed and installed to take a picture of your vehicle license plate and mail you an infringement without letting you know. The ProDB-3 Photo Speed Camera Defence device can easily protect you because it detects every camera flash whether single or double. It does not matter whether you or a highway traffic camera takes the picture. The ProDB electronically prevents a photograph of your license plate. Driving past a traffic camera, red light camera or even a Mobile Traffic Speed Van does not matter. It does not matter whether there are two camera attempts using white light or infrared light; the Traffic Camera Blocker will still detect the camera attempt and electronically protect your license plate from being photographed. NOTE: ProDB products are not designed to flash back at the camera and nor do they interfere with radar guns, magnetic strips or Traffic cameras. Whereas, competitive Flash Back photo blockers actually aim light at cameras and drivers behind you. Our Photo Blocker does not interfere with the Speed Cameras, Radar or Laser Traffic devices. The ProDB Speed Camera Photo Blocker can protect your license plates from all types of infra-red photographic speed cameras.

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