A short guide to buying a radar detector

The flash that precedes receiving a speeding fine may not be something you have to live with.

Radar detector laws

  • We do NOT provide legal advice or advice on avoiding speeding fines.
  • Please check and ACCEPT all applicable local laws and road rules personally.
  • Legislation and penalties change from time to time, this information is only general.
  • Radar detector and Laser jammer devices are illegal to use in all states including Western Australia.

Whistler Radar Detector Settings For Australia

Below is an explanation to some of the settings you may find on your radar detector and some suggestions when setting up a radar detector for operation in Australia.

Escort/Bel Radar Detector Settings for Australia

Below is an explanation to some of the settings you may find on your radar detector and some suggestions when setting up a radar detector for operation in Australia.

Best radar detector

We have tried to avoid answering these questions directly as "best" can mean different things to different people, and it also depends largely where you drive, whether you want a portable unit or a fully installed system and is stealth a requirement? What you should really be asking is, "What is the best radar detector or laser defence for me?" Often an international review has little or no relevance to radar or laser detectors used in Australia. There really is no such thing as "the world's best detector," as it depends where in the world you are.

Speed Measuring Equipment by State

Speed Measurement Equipment In Use By State

Use Of Radar Detectors

Radar detectors have become a driver's way of minimising the chances of being caught for speeding. A radar detector is, in fact, a boon for those who inadvertently exceed the speed limit. Using a radar detector when driving might also act on the psychologically to alter driving behaviour.

Police radar

Here you will find a description of police radar frequencies, and also a breakdown of the frequency of each particular police radar device.

Radar gun errors

The use of police traffic radar is so widespread that we naturally assume their technology is reliable.

How radar works

Radar, like sonar and seismology, uses a man-made pulse of radio energy to map distance based on the length of time it takes the pulse to return from the source. Radar (short for 'Radio Detection And Ranging'), which can be airborne or space borne, has greatly changed the way we see the land and ocean surfaces. Radar is based on the principle of sending very long wavelength radiation (called microwaves) from an antenna, and then detecting that energy after it bounces off a remote target. The wavelength of the microwave, its polarization (vertical or horizontal orientation) and strength can be controlled at the source and measured when it returns. Many common land-cover types and materials affect the polarity and strength of the radar return differently, which helps in their identification.

Key Facts about radar detectors

Radar detectors are legal in Western Australia and New Zealand.

Myths about radar

Police Car with radar gun fitted/There are many, many myths and misconceptions floating around out there about RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging) and LASER (LIDAR or LIght Detection And Ranging) units and how they operate. As a certified RADAR/LIDAR instructor, I can tell you that your best bet, regardless of what you choose to believe, is to just drive the speed limit. No matter who believes what about the reliability of the equipment and/or the competence of the officer using it, the only way to eliminate all doubt is to obey the law. These are the most common comments I have heard over the years concerning this topic. I do not consider myself to be an "expert" in the workings of all RADAR/LIDAR equipment on the market. I simply want to provide you with the best information I can to allow you to make an educated decision on what you do out on the road.

"RADAR won't work in bad weather". False. RADAR "accuracy" is generally not affected by inclement weather, however the sensitivity may be diminished somewhat. The main reason that you do not see many tickets being written in bad weather? Cops do not like to be out in the elements any more than anyone else.

You Should Know Before Buying a Radar Detector

Ensuring the safety and security in today’s world is a big thing, and when you are traveling in your car you need to be assured that you are completely safe and secured. In the light of modern security system there are many ways to ensure the safety and security of your car and thus your journey, one of the ways is by installing a radar detector.

Checklist before buying a radar detector

Defence is an art. Without proper defines you cannot feel safe. Driving in today’s world is necessity, but without proper defines it can be unsecured and detrimental to you. How to ensure that your car is properly secured? To answer this you need to know about radar detectors. This equipment is such that will detect potential threat to you and your car and will harness safety to you.

Laser Jammer

Have you ever fallen victim to the Police laser gun and been ticketed for speeding? If your answer is yes, then you have likely wished for a countermeasure that would help you prevent such encounters. Well, your problem could be solved. Check out a tool to help prevent a speeding ticket - the defensive laser jammer!

Best Car Camera Recorder

Today, cars are an indispensable part of human life. It is need for much needed facilitation of transportation. Modern car owners should make no compromise with the security of their car, and one way to ensure this protection is by installing car camera recorder.

Why use a radar detector in your car

Radar detectors detect very specific radio transmissions from radar speed measuring equipment, such as speed cameras or police patrol cars.


Most radar detectors can be easily installed by customers with either a cigarette lighter or hard wire power connection to a power source. Should you have any concerns installing your radar detector can confidently recommend local fully licensed auto electricians.

Radars and cancer

We recognize public concern about the safety of exposure to electromagnetic fields. Recent allegations in the media link cancer with exposure to police radars, one of the lowest power microwave systems in our modern society -- typically between 10 and 100 milliwatts.

Traffic Safety

Radar detectors have long been associated with road safety. Law enforcement has been using radar technology to check vehicle speed since the 1950s. The radar detector was the brainchild of Dale Smith, who invented it in the early 1970s after falling prey to a speed trap himself. This device was known as Fuzzbuster - widely regarded as the first-ever radar detector.

Radar chit chat

 U.S Department of Transportation. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Background Discussion

Issue: The use of police traffic radar has become widespread throughout the United States and, until recently, was widely accepted by the courts and the general public as a reliable and accurate means of measuring vehicle speeds. However, recent technological advances, especially the development of 'moving radar,' have altered the basic concepts initially accepted by the courts. These technical innovations have resulted in increased and highly publicized challenges to both the reliability and accuracy of modern traffic radar devices and the adequacy of police radar operator training.

Radar Detectors ARE Useful

If you love driving, it is quite likely that you'll check out new devices which can add to your driving experience. Radar detectors are not new, yet many may view them as controversial. They are legal to own and use in W.A. and always have been. Many drivers have found them to be a highly useful driving aid irrespective of cost.

Road Safety Campaign

Road safety is a major concern to government and road accident prevention bodies as well as all road users in W.A.

Why guard against laser traps

Police presence on many of Australia’s main highways is becoming onerous to those of us who love to drive and enjoy the experience.

Radar detector that make difference

It is true that law enforcers are becoming more diligent and less tolerant of those detected speeding.

3 myths about radar detectors unmasked!

There are many myths about radar detectors. These misconceptions may cause confusion for the user. The Radio Detection And Ranging is widely known as radar.

Advantage of Whistler & Escort Radar Detectors

One way in which you can protect your drivers’ licence is by installing a radar detector. Radar detectors are devices to alert to a range of road transport speed measuring equipment. Using a radar detector may help avoid an unnecessary discussion with police on the side of the road as well as potential alerting to the presence of speed traps.

How to avoid speeding tickets

Most drivers agree that speed limits can often be difficult to maintain. Demerit points and fines have become major issues.

Radar detector in Australia

Please note that the legal use of radar detectors may be restricted in your location. Always check local laws prior to purchasing a radar or laser device.

Laser Defense - How does it work

First a brief basic explanation on how LIDAR (Laser) guns and LIDAR (Laser) Cameras operate. LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) devices are often used measure vehicle speed.