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What should you know before buying a radar detector?

Welcome to the only radar detector outlet in Australia with full time sales, full time service and full time repairs in Australia. We are the only trusted full time radar detector superstore in Australia. We don't have misleading "radar detector sales" just the best every day prices possible, beware "lowest price guarantees" these prices are often $50~$100 more than our standard prices.

The choice is very simple. Any person with a home computer and internet connection can sell a radar detector, but will they be around when you really need them? Will they be around in 1, 2 or 3 years when you need an upgrade or warranty support?  New web pages open every day and they disappear just as quickly. A quick investigate of many online stores shows no secure ordering and unsafe shared web hosting services where your personal details are easily stolen.  What's more, further investigation often shows unregistered businesses, no firm contact details (no address, no telephone numbers) or no worst still, no GST registration.

It is very easy to make claims of being "largest radar detector supplier" or "most trusted radar detector supplier" or "biggest this or biggest that" etc.  These claims are all a cover for small part time and work from home suppliers or sole traders. Some web pages are packed full of non-existent products in an effort to convince you that their web page is actually a real business. Be very careful, many internet only suppliers have little or no stock.  They first take your payment and then order from their own suppliers.  Products that we advertise are generally available from stock and in VAST quantities to ensure the best possible price, service and support.

We know first hand that police have been caught on many occasions using speed measurement equipment, illegally, against manufacturer's recommendations, in unsuitable locations, outside of black spot areas, in areas likely to be influenced by interference and below the published margin of error for the radar or laser equipment being used. This means that many speeding tickets issued in Australia are simply illegal and would be dismissed if you properly argued your case in court. However, doing so can be time consuming and costly. Therefore, the best offence is clearly the best defence and to avoid a speeding ticket in the first instance. So now you want to buy a radar detector and/or laser jammer, you need to select a reputable supplier who has been here for the long term and WILL be here in the future also should you need warranty service or support at a later time.

Why buy your Radar Detector or Laser Jammer from us in Australia?

  • We are actually here when / if you need to contact us for sales, support or service.
  • The only supplier with qualified and full  time electronic engineer on STAFF.
  • A quick call to most other part time suppliers result in voice mail or frequent unanswered calls (busy with their day jobs, or university?)
  • All prices INCLUDE GST, if you are eligible you can claim a 10% GST input credit.
  • Local warranty, local support, local spare parts and service.
  • If you are unhappy with your purchase, simply pay the difference and swap to another radar detector (conditions apply.)
  • The only supplier in Australia to regularly attend major car shows and electronic exhibitions.
  • Largest direct outlet in Perth, full time office and warehouse in Morley.
  • Full time supplier, we are available during office hours for sales, support and service. We do not work a day job and force you to call a mobile phone or email us for service. Our phones are generally answered during business hours, if you receive voice mail, it is because we are on the phone, NOT because we are working our day job.
  • We are a diverse organisation, meaning our lively hood does not rest solely on Radar Detector sales. Which means if Radar Detectors become illegal to sell, we will still be here if you need warranty, support or spare parts in the future. This diversification also means we can offer you the best possible price and other services and unbeatable packaged deals.
  • We have secured a 7 year commercial lease on our new combined office and warehouse facilities. So we will be here when you need us - guaranteed.
  • Full time staff, full time service and full time electronic repairs available.
  • Some suppliers offer a "100% money back guarantee" but only if unopened. We think offering to swap to another product (even if opened and USED) to be a much more valuable and workable solution.

Our group web pages are all hosted on our own secure and dedicated high performance server. All online shopping systems are protected by genuine TRUSTED 128bit SSL security certificates issued by GeoTrust. While many providers use low security and shared services (sometimes hundreds of other users have access to these servers) you can rely on your information being handled confidentially, securely and professionally. Please note the certificate or secure site can be accessed at any time via https://radars.com.au and the certificate is activated at checkout only at points where personal information is exchanged. If paying online by credit card, we process your entire order entirely internally nobody else has access to your personal information, some other suppliers will redirect you to an external ordering provider who will then store your information indefinitely (name, address, telephone number and credit card details)

Ever wondered why most suppliers do not list a fixed address, do not answer their phones and take time to respond to emails? There are many part time or hobby suppliers in Western Australia who also work a day job. We are a full time, well established company that provide support, warranty and service for all products we have ever offered. Feel free to drop by, chat and see the widest range of radar detectors and laser jamming equipment on display in Australia and we guarantee the best possible pricing. Our full contact details and company information can be found here.



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