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Hi-tech point-to-point speed cameras to cover entire distance of Brisbane Airport Link tunnel – Courier Mail

MOTORISTS will have to keep a close watch on their speed the entire distance of the Brisbane Airport Link tunnel because the new toll road will use hi-tech point-to-point cameras.

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Variable speed limits will be used to help reduce the number of crashes on the Tasman Highway near Hobart.

The Infrastructure Minister, David O’Byrne, said the $3 million project is funded by the Road Safety Levy, to help save lives and improve traffic flow.

“While it’s new to Tasmania, this technology is proven, and increasingly used elsewhere,” he said.

“Variable speed limits are used in peak traffic times to smooth out speed limit changes, and reduce the speed of vehicles approaching congestion.

“CCTV feeds and in-road detectors will also help DIER monitor road and weather conditions, and adjust speed limits if necessary.

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Divert speeding fines to road safety: NRMA

The NRMA wants more than $300 million in revenue raised from speeding and traffic fines to be spent on road safety and employing more police officers.

NRMA president Wendy Machin on Thursday presented a petition with more than 13,500 signatures to parliament, calling for the government to redirect the money raised from motorists.

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Police told to move speed cameras to catch more leadfoots – Courier Mail

POLICE have been warned to find new places to catch leadfoots if their mobile speed cameras are not flashing more than a couple of times an hour.

An email, obtained by The Courier-Mail, was sent to all traffic police in Brisbane's Metropolitan North Region ordering officers to change camera locations if the site was "not returning a reasonable rate of detection".

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Government coffers boosted by $6m in one year from southeast Queensland's top 10 mobile speed camera sites – Courier Mail

Motorists in south-east Queensland have handed over more than $6 million in fines from 10 mobile speed camera sites in the latest figures released by police.

47,915 offences were recorded across the region's top 10 mobile speed camera detection sites, resulting in the multi-million dollar windfall for government from March 2010 to March 2011.

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Queensland’s top 10 speed cameras rake in $6.3 million in one year – Car advice

The top 10 speed camera sites in southeast Queensland have pulled in more than $6 million for the government, in the year between March 2010 and March 2011. Up to 47,915 lives were saved (or contributed to the revenue raising, depending on which way you look at it) thanks to the sites.

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Mobile speed cameras are increasingly being used by the police to enforce speed limits, but how accurate are they?

We look at these cameras and see if their claims of accuracy are themselves accurate.

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More NSW drivers fined for speeding below 10km/h over the limit

According to the latest statistics, more NSW drivers are being fined for travelling less than 10km/h over the speed limit than in the past, which could prove NSW Police and the RTA now have near-zero tolerance for fast drivers.

In the year between August 2010 and August 2011, 13,129 drivers were fined for speeding, providing the government with $2.02 million in revenue. Of those fined, 7341 (or 56 per cent) were booked for speeding in the 0-10km/h-over-the-limit bracket. It’s unknown just how much revenue those fines generated. These figures are a significant mark-up on the previously recorded 13 per cent.

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Speed zone split fairest in country, says report

THE NSW government should retain 70km/h and 90km/h speed zones and there is no justification motorists have a more confusing speed system than other states, a report reveals.

A report for Transport NSW by consultancy group ARRB has concluded ''70km/h and 90km/h speed limits should be retained as viable speed limit options for use on the NSW road network''.

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Western Australia police: Greater speed detection effectiveness using PoliScanspeed

Through deployment of PoliScanspeed, 58 percent more vehicles were detected exceeding the speed limit in Western Australia than in the previous twelve months. The Western Australia police force recently published these figures in its latest annual report for the year to 30 June 2011. “This performance is attributed to the improved effectiveness of new VITRONIC digital speed cameras”, the report states.

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Speed camera secrets – today tonight

With a new 'no tolerance' policy speed camera operators are fining drivers who creep even one kilometre over the limit, leaving no room for error.

Now the figures clearly show that Governments are raking in millions for driver mistakes that are far from dangerous.

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Speed fines close to the limit as NSW drivers fined for speeding a few kilometres above

THOUSANDS of drivers are being fined for speeding just a few kilometres above the limit, smashing the myth a margin of error is allowed on NSW roads.
More than half the 13,000 drivers caught by roadside mobile speed vans in NSW were travelling between 1km/h and 10km/h above the limit, data shows.

The RTA appears to be ignoring a so-called "common law discretion", most likely because the former state government forced operator vans to be clearly marked with orange and white stripes and signage, instead of being undercover.

The move resulted in a likely push by the RTA to collect fines at the lowest speed band possible.

Office of State Revenue data shows 7341, or 56 per cent of all drivers caught speeding in the first year of the mobile operation were in the "10km/h or under" band.

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Close to the limit – A Current Affair

It is a common belief that motorists may slip anywhere from 10-13 percent over the speed limit without being booked, depending on what state you live in, but figures are now showing that drivers are being treated with a new zero-tolerance attitude by the RTA. So what happened to our margin of error?

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'Crazy' speed camera – today tonight

The embarrassing malfunction has come in the follow-up to a Government audit that gave its cameras the all clear.

If fixed cameras are cash registers on poles, then one in particular seems to be working overtime. It’s snapping drivers on green, amber and red lights, and at any speed - capturing images when there were cars, and even when there were no cars at all.

On the Princess Highway near Webster Street in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong, a speed and red light camera is potentially the most profitable cash cow of them all.

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Driving at a snail's pace – today tonight

How slow is too slow for suburban streets? Councils' plans are being applauded by campaigners, and ridiculed by motorists.

Changing speed zones have long been an expensive frustration for drivers. Now there are plans to slash speed yet again, this time down to just 30 kilometres an hour.

Melbourne's Lord Mayor Robert Doyle is looking at imposing 30 kilometres per hour speed restrictions on parts of the city centre and in some residential streets.

“It’s a big difference if you have to brake suddenly to avoid a pedestrian or a cyclist,” Lord Mayor Doyle said.

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Video speed cameras – today tonight

The future of law enforcement is here, in the shape of the most sophisticated speed camera of all time. The unbeatable money-making machine for the Government will be rolled out en mass across the country.

According to Queensland Superintendent Paul Fogate the Tru-cams are fast, efficient and unavoidable.

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Speed camera 'weapon of mass destruction' – today tonight

Western Australia is the newest customer of the speed camera industry's ‘weapon of mass destruction’.

It's already in use in Victoria and a version is also being used in New South Wales; now Western Australia is the newest customer of the speed camera industry's ‘weapon of mass destruction’.

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Speed camera flashpoint – today tonight

Today Tonight reveals secret plans to increase the number of speed cameras by 20 times.

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South African proposal to reduce speed limit

South African proposal to reduce speed limit opposed and argument against the reduction refers to Australian roads speed management used by the SA government to support its case. The writer counters by stating that in Australia there is not the corruption at driver licensing level and that there is not the prevalence of fatal accident associated with drink driving in Australia that there is in SA.

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An additional 32 speed cameras will be activated in Victoria

An additional 32 speed cameras will be activated in Victoria over coming months. The cameras were installed under the auspices of the previous state government. The current government decided to await a report from that state�s Auditor General before making a decision one way or the other. Predictably, the government chose to activate these cameras. The Police Minister, Peter Ryan is quoted in The Age as saying �Speed is responsible for about a third of all deaths on our roads and if these cameras slow speeding motorists down, they will save lives,� Mr Ryan said. It is interesting that the quote from the Minister refers to �speed� rather than �speeding� - a very clever use of language.

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Drivers slugged as State Government builds $2 billion election war chest

UPDATE 10.40am: PREMIER John Brumby says he would be happy to forgo all speeding fine revenue if it meant drivers were safer on the roads.

His comments come as yesterday's Budget revealed Victorian drivers are being stung for almost $1000 a minute as the State Government builds a $2 billion election war chest.

Mr Brumby again denied the increase in speeding fines was revenue raising, saying the fines were part of a broader program to cut the road toll.

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