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ALL NEW - LASER INTERCEPTOR Bluetooth Modules now available!

Buy LASER INTERCEPTOR Bluetooth Modules LASER INTERCEPTOR Bluetooth Modules, NOW ONLY $149.00

Prior to the release of this module, there was only one way Laser Interceptor owners could update their devices.

  • Users were required to download the Laser Interceptor Communicator program onto their computers, along with any firmware updates and,
  • Connect their laptops to their Laser Interceptor USB-RS232 cable.

Laptop to Laser Interceptor CPU allowed owners to update various settings, firmware updates, and voice packs to their Laser Interceptor package.

The ALL NEW Laser Interceptor Bluetooth® gives Laser Interceptor owners an improved and uncomplicated method of updating their Laser Interceptor. The new Laser Interceptor Bluetooth® Module allows users to use their Android smartphone and perform the following:

  • Manage / change your setting preferences on the LI CPU.
  • Download firmware updates automatically
  • Download voice Pack updates automatically
  • Receive visual alerts to LASER threats by type (i.e. Ultralyte LTI 20/20, Jenoptik, Poliscan, Kustom ProLaser III, etc.)
  • Utilise the additional RS 232 port to allow connections from the PA/Jam switch or Instant Kill switch.

Download Laser Interceptor Bluetooth App from Android store -HERE.

NOTE: Only compatible with ANDROID devices and Gen 8 CPU version 2.9 or later.

Buy Laser Interceptor Bluetooth Module Buy Laser Interceptor Bluetooth Module, only $149