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Blackvue DR450 - 1CH HD Drive Recorder GPS Enhanced  

Buy Blackvue DR450 - 1CH HD Drive Recorder GPS Enhanced in Australia.  Blackvue DR450 - 1CH HD Drive Recorder GPS Enhanced VIDEO RECORDING – only $249


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Blackvue DR450 - 1CH HD Drive Recorder GPS Enhanced

The ALL NEW BlackVue DR450 - 1Ch drive recorder with GPS from radars.com.au allows you to monitor all driving scenarios effortlessly.

The location of the camera is discrete and is now all matte black for an unobtrusive presence plus it captures all your driving events. Audio recording is also a feature of this camera and can be turned off if desired.

Recording by the camera commences as soon as the car is started. The BlackVue records, all of your journeys and every incident experienced along the way, in superb High Definition video.

The camera features a G sensor which will record sudden braking or impact for subsequent review by you should you need to.

Speed, direction, latitude and longitude are also recorded and can be viewed when viewing recorded files.

With the addition of the Power Magic, you can operate this system with its own uninterrupted power supply set for pre-determined periods, or until your battery voltage reaches a minimum engine starting level.

The benefits of this dash camera include:

  • recording your road trip
  • recording events such as track days,
  • monitor driving by others,
  • Check where your vehicle has been driven.
  • Review driver behaviour in learning situations.
  • Provide evidence in the event of an accident to insurance companies
  • It can be used as a stationary security camera capturing events when the motion sensor is activated. Power Magic Pro required (for only $50.00 when purchased with a DR 450-1Ch camera)
  • Traffic incident documentary evidence

Product Features:

  • Full HD 1080P @ 30FPS
  • Parking mode detects and records motion around your car (Requires Power Magic)
  • Very wide viewing angle 120°
  • Stylish Compact design
  • 12 month warranty
  • 16 GB micro SD card standard with 64GB micro SD card optional
Quality Video &s; Audio:

Camera: 1/4" CMOS Sensor / 2.0 Mega Pixels

Wide Angle View:

Camera 120° (Diagonal Measurement)

Reversible Design:

360° Rotational body recording various directions

Recording Speed:

30fps (Frames per second)

Image Resolution:

Full HD 1920x1080px Max | D1 720x480px Min

Parking / Motion Detection:

Yes, in Parking Mode (requires power magic)

Built-in G-Sensor:



Surveillance camera function using Power Control Unit

GPS Receiver:

External GPS Antenna Included

Recording Options:

Normal, Parking, Event (Activated by shock. Power Magic Pro required)

Camera Size &s; Weight:

108.5mm x 36.0mm / 114grams

Operation Temp:

-20°C ~ 70°C

Power Supply:

suits 12-24V applications

Power Consumption

12V /0.20A

Factory Warranty:

1 Year (Australian Genuine Warranty)

Compliance Marks:

C-TICK (N28189) KC, FCC, CE, RoHS, Telec


Pittasoft Co., Ltd (Auto BlackBox Australian Importer)

Recording Times:

Image Quality/
Memory Capacity
Normal Image Compression
Full HD 1920x1080 30fps Full HD 1920x1080 15fps HD 1280x720 30fps HD 1280x720 15fps D1 720x480 30fps
16GB(STD) 4 HR 37 MIN 6 HR 54 MIN 6 HR 54 MIN 11 HR 29 MIN 17 HR 09 MIN
32GB 9 HR 24 MIN 13 HR 59 MIN 13 HR 59 MIN 22 HR 51 MIN 34 HR 09 MIN

Blackvue playback screen

Suggested applications for use:

  • Company Vehicles
  • Driving Schools
  • Caravanners
  • Truck Owners
  • Taxi Owners
  • Driver Training Centres, plus
  • any vehicle where the driver wants to review on or off road events

BlackVue Help Centre has now opened!

Please visit www.helpcenter.blackvue.com and find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and look through the contents of support articles and tutorials, as well as using the search button.

In conjunction with the BlackVue Help Centre, you will now have access to the Community Page. This will allow signed-in members to post and comment in various threads in categories related to BlackVue dashcams, accessories, apps and more.



Buy BLACKVUE DR6450 - 1CH Video Drive Recorder in Australia.  BLACKVUE DR450 – 1CH DRIVE RECORDER GPS ENHANCED VIDEO RECORDING – only $249