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  • Demo Whistler Pro 68XRi
    Added: 04/03/2013
    Modified: 05/28/2018
    Price:  $175.00

    Demo Whistler Pro 68XRi

    Manufacturer: Whistler
    Demo Display model unbeatable value. Complete with all standard accessories and box. Still has plenty of its 3 year warranty left as well Normal RRP $249.00...
  • Whistler Tyre Scout
    Added: 02/25/2013
    Modified: 03/02/2018
    Price:  $249.00

    Whistler Tyre Scout

    Manufacturer: Whistler
      FEATURES:  Adjustable pressure and temperature warnings - an alert sounds and displays the faulty tyre  Prolong Tyre tread life  Reduced driving risks  Sensors transmit automatically when they detect vehicle motion - continually...
  • Laser Interceptor Sensor
    Added: 12/12/2012
    Modified: 02/13/2018
    Price:  $320.00

    Laser Interceptor Sensor

    Manufacturer: Laser Interceptor
    Genuine Laser Interceptor sensor As supplied with all new kits...
  • Valentine 1 and TMG α-15 Dual Combo - Save $200
    Added: 12/06/2012
    Modified: 02/03/2019
    Price:  $1,490.00

    Valentine 1 and TMG α-15 Dual Combo - Save $200

    Manufacturer: Various
    Valentine One Radar and Laser Detector Unique bogey locator, front and rear laser detection, very advanced radar locator with exceptional range. Includes: windshield mount; visor mount; lighter adapter; power cord, coiled; power cord, straight; direct-wire power adapter; wiring-harness connector; owner's manual; interlocking fastener...
  • Whistler Windscreen Bracket Kit
    Added: 11/29/2012
    Modified: 02/20/2018
    Price:  $20.00

    Whistler Windscreen Bracket Kit

    Manufacturer: Whistler
    Whistler Windscreen mounting kit, same kit as included with a new Whistler radar detector. Includes metal bracket, rubber stopper and 2 suction cups....
  • Whistler Vertical Mount
    Added: 11/29/2012
    Modified: 02/13/2018
    Price:  $10.00

    Whistler Vertical Mount

    Manufacturer: OEM
    Vertical Mount for Whistler XTR and Pro Series. Note- suction cups are at extra cost...
Displaying 31 to 36 (of 55 new products)
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