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How does a Laser Jammer Work- Its Functionality and Myths

How do Laser Jammers Work?

Laser Jammers have been developed as an aid to alerting for laser speed traps. A laser jammer analyses the traffic laser signal received and is capable of confusing the source. The result is the source device detects nothing and displays a non-read or miss-aim message to the operator.

Quality jammers should always feature and implement an automatic shut down after a laser threat is detected and confirmed.

Constant laser jamming may bring about a confrontation with police who have targeted you and not obtained a speed reading for your vehicle.

Laser jammers can be bought online in Australia. Laser jammers can be purchased from a variety of sources in Australia. There is also an option to buy from overseas but be aware that there is no backup i.e. warranty, service or replacement parts for many items bought from overseas.