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Maintaining road safety is, without question, everyone's responsibility. We always suggest motorists and motor cyclists drive and ride responsibly; it is our contention that radar detectors assist drivers and riders by giving them the freedom to relax, drive and ride with confidence and safety.

Radar & the concept behind it: Radar, in simple terms, is the transmission of radio signals directed in a particular direction and the detection of any echoes from an object via a radar receiver can then determine that objects speed.

How speed radar works

A radar speed measurement device uses this same principle to determine the speed of a targeted object.

Tracking down speed of vehicles: Furthermore, police speed radar is also capable of measuring the speed of an object. Transmitted radio waves have a particular frequency, i.e. the number of oscillations in one particular time unit. If both the radar gun and the object are stationary, the echo will have the same frequency like the original signal. If the object is moving, then the radio signal is reflected at various different intervals, thereby changing the pattern causing changes in their frequency level.

Properly calibrated instrumentation can make a calculation based on the frequency responses to determine the speed of the object. Traffic police can utilise calibrated radar equipment to determine the speed of a given vehicle using this technology.