Dash Cam

Buy a Dash Cam Online with Installation for Perth, Australia

Keep a record of what matters with a dash cam in Perth.

There are numerous reasons to invest in a dash cam in Australia. The Radar Shop sells dash cam installation in Perth and other parts of Western Australia for car owners who want to keep a record while they’re on the road.

What Sets The Radar Shop Apart Regarding Dash Cams in Perth

Using The Radar Shop gives you several advantages when compared to buying from other, more general shops.

  • Focused Knowledge and Expertise – We have been operating in the industry for 12 years. During this time, we have seen developments in technology and techniques and can give you the benefit of our experience.

  • Online Store – Order right from home as you search for the right dash cam online. Our team can support you with answers to questions about any of the models we carry. Beyond that, we offer the widest selection of dash cams suited for cars and trucks in Western Australia.

  • Friendly and Well-Trained Staff – Our team is technically trained in all aspects of our products. This means that we can not only sell you high-quality dash cams in Perth, but we can provide repairs and other services that you need.

Rather than going to a big box store or general online store, let us help you find the right dash cam for you.

Benefits of a Dash Cam in Perth

Many car owners have experienced the benefits of owning and mounting a dash cam.

  • Protect Yourself with the Truth – If you are pulled over or get into an accident, a dash cam can give you the evidence needed to protect your rights. It’s also known that everyone is on their best behaviour on film, so a well-placed dash cam is as good as asking everyone involved to say “Cheese!”
  • More Security Against Theft – If you hard-wire a dash cam into your car, it can be set up to detect motion and function as an additional security system. Even if it doesn’t catch the culprits, it can provide location information useful in recovering the car.

  • Catch Surprising Events on Film – When something out of the ordinary happens, you’re ready to film it. Strange weather, meteors – so many of the amazing videos you find on YouTube are the result of drivers with dash cams.

What You Stand to Lose If You Don't Use The Radar Shop

Don’t let the opportunity slip by. Get the benefits of our knowledge and friendly service to ensure that you get the perfect dash cam for your car. Explore the breadth of our inventory to see the tremendous variety of options that we carry, each model offering different advantages at each price point. Enjoy the ease of ordering online and having the camera shipped directly to you without even having to leave the house. Contact us today to find the right dash cam for you.