A short guide to buying a radar detector

The flash that precedes receiving a speeding fine may not be something you have to live with.

With the cost of speeding tickets climbing - along with the added inconvenience of demerit points - getting a radar detector can be a no-brainer.

Radar detectors vary considerably in price and quality. There are also counterfeit radar detectors on the market that are all but worthless. It is important to consider your requirements carefully before purchasing one and purchase from a recognised supplier not someone who operates as a part-timer.

Are you a professional driver who relies on their driver's license to earn a living, or are you simply a driver who occasionally oversteps the speed limit inadvertently?

Buying and using a quality radar detector can make a difference to, and greatly improve, your on road driving enjoyment and relaxation, with very good quality entry level radar detectors available from as little as $249.

Radar detectors are designed to help level the playing field when you may be travelling slightly above the speed limit and they are 100% legal to own and use in WA.

Detecting an alert from an approaching radar equipped patrol car will give you, in many cases, enough time to slow down and reduce the chance of receiving a speeding ticket.

Put simply, radar detectors help motorists determine whether or not their speed is being monitored with speed measuring radar.

There are three different categories of radar detector which may be suitable:

  1. Windscreen mounted, non stealthy - suitable for use in WA and New Zealand. These may or may not have GPS databases for fixed camera alerting and laser defence packages are available with these types. Whistler and Valentine 1 are brands we recommend in this category

  2. Windscreen mounted, stealthy - current model radar detector detectors cannot detect these. An undetectable radar detector should be located appropriately in a sun visor pouch and powered remotely. Escort Redline Pro A and Bel Magnum models we recommend in this category. These do not have a GPS database for fixed camera alerting. Laser defence packages are available with these types.

  3. Customised/built-in - these units require specialist installation and are top-performing detectors with GPS for fixed camera alerts and an option for integrated laser defence. These units are stealthy and we recommend Stinger or Bel products in this category.

We would strongly recommend selecting an optional sunvisor pouch and hardwire kit when purchasing a stealthy radar detector for use outside WA.