How Radar Detectors CAN SUPPORT Road Safety

Road safety is a major concern to government and road accident prevention bodies as well as all road users in W.A.

Road safety related data compiled by the Transport Safety Bureau, indicates there is no evidence to correlate use of radar detectors with traffic accidents.

Here are some facts about radar detectors:

  • Radar detectors should emit an audible and visible alert whenever a radar signal is detected in its vicinity.
  • Radar detectors in Western Australia are capable of detecting K and Ka band radar and 904Nm laser pulses. Radar and laser devices utilising these frequencies are used by W.A traffic enforcement authorities in approved speed measurement devices.
  • Radar detectors might also be helpful if there were radar drones installed near railway crossings and other traffic blackspots to alert radar detector users, near to potential danger, to be careful. Many quality radar detectors feature a Safety Warning Signals capability that alerts to the presence of road hazards whether they are roadworks, emergency service vehicles or agricultural machinery.
  • Were all motorists to have a radar detector, then, potentially, traffic flows would slow at the first indication / alert of a speed trap or traffic hazard.