Radar Detectors ARE Useful

If you love driving, it is quite likely that you'll check out new devices which can add to your driving experience. Radar detectors are not new, yet many may view them as controversial. Many drivers have found them to be a highly useful driving aid irrespective of cost.

What are radar detectors?

Radar detectors are devices that can identify specific traffic radar signals from radar speed measuring devices transmitting on dedicated frequencies - in Australia they are K and Ka bands. A radar detector can detect and alert to the presence of a radar signal via voice and/or tone alerts. Other radar transmitters such as automatic door motion-sensors can also trigger an alert from a radar detector. These are known as false alerts. Some radar detectors with GPS can learn to filter out fixed false alert locations further improving your driving enjoyment.

However, please note that VASCAR technology (police measuring speed by following using a calibrated speedometer) cannot be detected by any radar detector. Fixed speed trap and red-light camera locations cannot be detected as they transmit no radiated signals. Radar detectors with GPS have the capability of alerting to the presence of a fixed camera location nearby. (ANPR or piezo sensor operated – Many fixed Speed and Red-light speed cameras are typical of these).

Are radar detectors for you?

Radar detectors should be great for everyone. A radar detector with safety warning alerts is extremely valuable in alerting road users to the presence of emergency vehicles, roadworks and some farm machinery. Using radar detectors while driving may also have a beneficial social impact on your driving behaviour.

Innovative radar detectors

Today's car accessories reflect constant innovation. Radar detectors are often being updated with new features. Some new-age radar detectors also come with built-in GPS which can memorise those particular locations that set off an alert. Each time you approach a known fixed camera location, your radar detector will alert you to the existence of a fixed camera position

Some quality GPS equipped radar detectors will offer drivers the option of selecting a learning feature. This mode enables a GPS equipped radar detector to identify fixed points where it detects an identical but false alert. After a predetermined number of passes, the radar detector no longer provides an audible alert but will display the radar signal. Should another radar device be located at that location, the radar detector will give an audible alert as it recognises a slightly different frequency. Locations with regular false alerts can also be entered manually.

Radar detectors can be dash mounted for portability or fully installed for a more discreet look. Installed systems are usually feature more operational modes and consequently are more expensive.