Some interesting facts about radar detectors that can make a difference

It is true that law enforcers are becoming more diligent and less tolerant of those detected speeding.

It is perfectly within the law to install radar detectors in your vehicle in WA. Reducing the number of speeding tickets you receive maybe a thing of the past resulting in fewer fines, loss of demerit points and the risk of increased motor vehicle insurance premiums.

  • Radar detectors are designed to level the field when you may be travelling slightly above the speed limit. Detecting an alert from an approaching radar equipped patrol car will greatly assist in focusing your concentration at the wheel.
  • Radar detectors can save you money and demerit points. Always buy from a recognised, trusted retailer who can supply the knowledge, range of product to choose from and backup service should you need it. Privately imported radar detectors do not have any local warranty support in Australia and any repairs could be expensive. Buying and using a quality radar detector can make a difference and greatly improve your on road use.
  • Good quality entry level radar detectors are available from as little as $249. Stealthy radar detectors are also available.
  • Whether you are commuting or touring, a radar detector will help you focus on your overall driving experience
  • Radar detectors can come with a host of features above the standard radar and laser detection. Some versions have GPS to alert to the proximity of fixed speed or red-light cameras or a combination of both. GPS equipped radar detector models may also display your actual speed further enhancing road safety. False alerting can be minimized also with some GPS radars. There are 3 distinct categories of radar detector to be considered.
    • Windscreen mounted non stealthy – these are suited for use in WA and New Zealand and may or may not have GPS databases for fixed camera alerting. Laser defence packages are available with this type
    • Windscreen mounted stealthy –These devices cannot be detected by current model radar detector detectors i.e. Spectre 4. An undetectable radar detector should be located appropriately in a sunvisor pouch and powered remotely. These do not have a GPS database for fixed camera alerting. Laser defence packages are available with this type
    • Customized/Built-in – these units are at the top end of the radar detector shopping list. They require specialist installation and are generally regarded as the top performing types of radar detector. They are GPS equipped for fixed camera alerts and have the option for integrated laser defence as well
  • Windscreen mounted radar detectors feature power cords and can be plugged into the lighter/power sockets for power or can be hard wired. There are internal battery powered radar detectors available in some markets. We have assessed many of them and found them not to perform at a satisfactory level

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