There are many myths about radar detectors. These misconceptions may cause confusion for the user. The Radio Detection And Ranging is widely known as radar.

The Light Detection And Ranging equipment known as LIDAR (LASER) may not be as foolproof as you imagine. No matter how much you vouch for the reliability of such equipment, the competence of such products can be undermined given certain circumstances. Here are a few:

  • Radars may respond to strong electromagnetic interference from high voltage power lines
  • Another big fallacy is the fact that radar detectors will stop you to get speeding tickets. police may activate their in-car radar as they approach. Your radar detector will alert but may not allow enough time to drop much speed. In other locations patrol cars may drive with their radar active allowing detection from several kilometres.
  • Despite utilizing a radar detector, police traffic patrols can operate unmarked and simply follow at a constant speed as they have calibrated speedometers, they can detect vehicle speed from the air using elapsed time between painted road markers plus, an officer on the roadside can estimate a vehicle’s speed and that evidence could and would be accepted by a court.

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