Have you ever fallen victim to the Police laser gun and been ticketed for speeding? If your answer is yes, then you have likely wished for a countermeasure that would help you prevent such encounters. Well, your problem could be solved. Check out a tool to help prevent a speeding ticket - the defensive laser jammer!

So, how does a laser jammer confuse a laser gun?

In order to understand this, you need to know how the laser gun works. The laser gun aims a laser beam at your license plate or another reflective surface.

Laser Jammers have been developed as an aid to alerting for laser speed traps.

A laser jammer analyses the traffic laser signal received and is capable of confusing the source. The result is the source device detects nothing and displays a non-read or miss-aim message to the operator.

Quality jammers should always feature and implement an automatic shut down after a laser threat is detected and confirmed.

Constant laser jamming may bring about a confrontation with police who have targeted you and not obtained a speed reading for your vehicle.

Why would I need a laser jammer?

  • To reduce the likelihood of further speeding tickets: Too many speeding tickets can get too many demerit points and jeopardize your driver’s license as well as waste your hard-earned cash. For professional drivers, losing your license is losing your livelihood. Investing in a set of laser jammers is like taking preventative medicine.
  • Your radar detectors let you down. Period: Radar detectors may be able to warn you when you have a police laser gun aimed at your car. However, radar detectors are passive and the laser gun can record your speed in less than ½ sec. That means, by the time you hear the warning, an officer may already have your speed. Laser jammers are active and can prevent a laser gun from determining your speed for a set period of time.


  • Are Laser jammers legal? In short no, laser jammers are not legal to use on your vehicle anywhere in Australia.

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