How to avoid Speeding tickets

Most drivers agree that speed limits can often be difficult to maintain. Demerit points and fines have become major issues.

Run out of demerit points and you can lose your driver's licence which can have its own set of problems especially employment-wise; in addition, demerit point loss may be reportable to many insurance companies who can raise insurance premiums. If you fail to disclose your accurate driving record, your policy may be declared invalid (so check the fine print!).

Radar and laser technology is utilised universally to enforce speeding laws.

If you find yourself constantly inadvertently infringing, a radar detector or laser jammer can assist in managing the number of infringements you receive

Please note to be mindful of laws, radar detectors and laser jammers are prohibited with penalties varying widely state by state.

Always bear in mind that no device or combination of devices can deliver a 100% guarantee against speeding infringements.