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The Rolls Royce of camera detectors“ Fifth Gear, 15/1/2009

Only Stinger offers all-in-one speed protection against all the different kinds of speed traps: mobile and fixed radar speed traps, mobile and fixed laser speed traps, as well as both Point-To-Point speed traps-and all that at the highest level.

Above price does not include optional laser defence

Stinger Card                    



Stinger offers two product options: The Stinger VIP and the Stinger Card. Both use the same radar and laser antennas and both the Stinger VIP and the Card deliver the exact same high-end performance. Also, the Stinger VIP and the Stinger Card are user updateable, making them ready for future technology changes (like different kinds of speed traps) and product improvements. In addition, the Stinger VIP also featurers mileage logging functionality, an LCD colour display and voice alerts.

The Stinger Card is equipped to receive, at long distances, Safety Signals sent by transmitters that can be used by schools, road workers, police and emergency services. Transmitted Safety Signals are decoded by your Stinger Card in real-time, providing you with clear audio and visual alerts well in advance.



The Stinger Card Radar Detector is the ONLY 100% PASSIVE, stealth radar detector, all other "stealth" designs still use an active superheterodyne antenna. Using a unique MPHD antenna results in true 100% passive stealth without any reduction in sensitivity. The Stinger Card's antenna design is capable of scanning all bands concurrently and is far more sensitive than any superheterodyne based technology.

The following features are essential aspects of the Stinger Card:

 Unparallelled Radar Detection -

The DSI can locate police radars because of its hyper-intelligent and advanced military technologies. The Stinger Card can catch radar at more than double the distance ordinary radar detectors can. The Stinger Card is the best at alerting for speed traps.

 Optional Laser Detection and Shielding -

With the help of its sensitive laser detection, Stinger Laser swiftly detects a police laser threat and raises - if so desired by you and where allowed - a Shield as protection against laser. After a set period of time (the number of seconds can be set by you) this protection automatically ceases with the elapsing of the 'Shield-up' time. (Whilst stationary and when at low speeds, the LaserShield cannot be deployed.)

 Fixed Camera alerts -

Covers both Red Light and Combination Speed & Red Light camera locations.

 Safety Warning Signals

The Stinger Card is equipped to receive, at a large distance, Safety Signals sent by transmitters that can be used by schools, road workers, police and emergency services. Transmitted Safety Signals are decoded by your Stinger Card in real-time, providing you with clear tone and visual alerts well in advance.

False Alert Management -

As you drive past the same fuel station every day, the automatic doors of that fuel station can cause the radar detector to produce a false alert. Simply press the 'FalseList' button when passing the petrol station and from then on, you will no longer be irritated by the false alert when driving past that location. Should a police radar  be operating adjacent to the service station, the Stinger Card will recognise a different frequency and alert you to the threat.

 Speed Sense -

The Stinger Card allows you to enter two speed values below which no alarm will sound, one for motorways and one for non-motorway driving. The Stinger Card's GPS module determines which of the two values to apply.

 Police Check -

The Stinger Card records your driving history and enables you to review view all active speed traps you may have encountered. Should you recieve an infringement, you can check its accuracy by reviewing the data captured by the Stinger Card. 






We would strongly recommend that you contact us for advice re Laser sensor selection as there are many option available for this unit.

Available Options:

R.C.A Laser Tester:

Stinger Laser Sensor option:

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