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The Stinger graphic display and user interface has improved the visual usage experience of driving around and now features a colour touch screen user interface.

If you are looking for the best protection technology can offer and you want it to be hassle free: the Stinger VIP provides fully integrated protection against electronically enforced speed traps. Featuring the thinnest, most modern, and most effective antenna, the Stinger VIP™s alerting is quite simply, revolutionary - allowing you to fully focus on driving.

The Stinger VIP is quiet, but loud and clear when it has to be. Simple pictograms and colour coding indicate the level of warning - green means relax™, yellow suppressed alert™ and red full alert™.

The following items form essential aspects of the Stinger VIP. Note above pricing does not include laser defence

Spectrum Analyser

Now exclusive to the Stinger VIP, with its Multi Polarity HD Antenna, it is no longer crucial how speed radar is polarized as its all new antenna will handle any radar polarization with ease.

Consequently, its minimum detection ranges are consistently good.

Mileage Logging

When you start your car, your Stinger VIP starts automatically. Immediately, your Stinger VIP asks you what kind of trip you will be making: Business, Private, or Commute. With one touch of a button, you choose Commute. You drive away.

If desired, your Stinger VIP can assist you with your mileage logging, making it simple to keep track of your business versus private car usage.

Safety Signals

Whilst driving down the highway, your Stinger VIP announces: SAFETY SIGNALS: Road works.

Sure enough, a kilometre down the road you encounter road works. The temporary narrowing of the road and reduced speed limit comes as no surprise to you as you will have had ample warning to slow down ensuring your safe passage through the roadworks.

The Stinger comprises, among other functions, a special safety system. The Stinger VIP is equipped to receive safety signals sent by transmitters alerting to the presence of schools, road workers, police and other emergency services. The transmitted safety signals are decoded by your Stinger VIP in real-time, providing you with clear audio and visual alerts much ahead of time.


On an increasing number of roads, your average speed is measured over a fixed distance: generally referred to as Point to Point™.

Driving in Point to Point measurement zones, many drivers continuously keep looking at their speedometer, or drive dangerously slow out of fear of getting a speeding ticket. That is why Stinger has developed ‘Point to Point alerting™: you will be alerted when you are approaching a Point to Point camera, and during the Point to Point fixed measurement distance, your Stinger VIP will calculate and display your average Point to Point speed™. If at any time your average lies above the set speed limit, your VIP will alert you with an audio signal as well as a display depiction of a sad face™. Stinger™s Point to Point Alerting™ shows where you are in the POINT TO POINT direction and the remaining distance to go until you reach the end of the Point to Point zone.

More information about POINT TO POINT Alerting >>

Laser Safety Signals

Laser Safety Signals can also transmit 'car-to-car' alerts when the vehicle brakes heavily.

This enables a Stinger VIP user who employs Stinger Laser, to alert other Stinger users by initiating or relaying Safety Signals. For instance, a Stinger user who hits the brakes generates a 'Heavy Braking' signal on the Memory Display of Stinger users in his vicinity. Safe driving is an essential part of comfortable driving.

Laser Alerting

Stinger VIP's Laser Alerting is extraordinarily sensitive. So much so, that your Stinger can pick up laser that was targeted at a car in front of you. In addition, Stinger Laser encompasses a breakthrough - it is able to recognise and indicate the type of police laser gun: Is it a Laser Patrol or an Ultralyte? 'Gun recognition' is not just a nice gimmick. It is evidence of Stinger's Laser Alerting accuracy and professionalism.


With the help of its sensitive laser detection, Stinger Laser swiftly detects a 'police laser device and raises if set, a shield as protection against laser. After a pre-set period of time (which you can set) this protection automatically ceases allowing detection of your vehicle speed. When stationary or travelling at low speeds, the LaserShield cannot be deployed.

SpotList Alerting

Using its GPS, your VIP can alert you to important locations such as fixed speed cameras and redlight and redlight/speed cameras. Even in countries where Radar Alerting™ (see page 9) is not allowed, SpotList Alerting™ will warn you for fixed speed traps. The Stinger SpotList™ GPS data base is freely available from radars.com.au - you can easily build up your own SpotList data base. You can add and delete SpotList locations by the push of literally one button.

Radar Alerting

The Stinger VIP can locate police radars because of its hyper-intelligent and advanced military technologies. The Stinger VIP can detect radar at more than double the distance ordinary radar detectors can. This is why the Stinger VIP is the best at alerting for speed traps.


Not all speed checks get executed correctly.

Sometimes police radars operate outside the legal radar frequency band widths, or have been set up at a wrong angle to the road. Furthermore, unclear photographs and/or inaccurate police work may result in license plates being read incorrectly. So what if you get a speeding ticket? Generally, the license plate holder will be deemed guilty, unless he, or she, can prove not to have been responsible for the alleged speeding offense. Stinger VIP PoliceCheck helps you to lift this burden of evidence. The Stinger VIP records where you have driven, if you have encountered active speed traps, and what your speed has been. On top of that, the Stinger VIP measures and records the exact radar frequency of every active radar speeds trap you have passed. This way, the VIP assists you to appeal against speeding tickets that are incorrect.

The Stinger VIP is as accurate as it is quiet.

As previously mentioned, the new Stinger is not just a radar detector. Thanks in part to the Spectrum Analyser and 'patch antenna' technology, the system is able to spot police radars with scientific accuracy at distances previously thought impossible. The VIP can issue a warning at over twice the distance of radar detectors such as the legendary Stinger Ventura.

Our GPS Detection technology supports the radar alert function and enables advanced technology, such as:

Radar Alerting


If you drive past the same fuel station every day, the automatic doors of that fuel station can cause a radar detector to produce a false alert. Every morning. The Stinger VIP is intelligent. All the VIP motorist needs to do is press the 'FalseList' button when passing the petrol station each way. From then on, you will no longer be bothered by false alert when driving past that location. Should a police camera be stationed adjacent to the service station, the Stinger VIP will recognise a different frequency and alert the driver of the potential threat.

Radar Alerting


Do you often hear radar alerts even though you aren't speeding? Now, the Stinger VIP allows you to enter two speed values below which no alarm will sound, one for motorways and one for non-motorway driving. The VIP GPS module determines which of the two values to apply.

We would strongly recommend that you contact us for advice re Laser sensor selection as there are many options available for this unit.

Available Options:

Additional Stinger MPHD Antenna:

R.C.A Laser Tester:

Stinger Laser Sensor option:

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